Turning Your Employees Into Owners
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“Turning Your Employees into Owners”

Whether you intend to sell your business or not, helping your employees think like owners will enhance your company’s performance. Scot Hunsaker has built his speaking career by sharing his experience of how he taught his management team to do exactly that, and in less time!

Join Scot as he shares the exact tools that created a culture of ownership and a successful transition of his company to its employees, including a deep dive into the five functions that allow employees to think like owners.

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Have Authentic Conversations

  • Create a “we” instead of an “us vs. them” mentality.
  • Show the numbers.
  • Transfer your instincts.

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Identify Your Leadership Team Bench

  • Create a structure where those would-be leaders can emerge.
  • Allow for self-selection of the team.
  • Lead change on a strategic level, not a tactical level.

Transfer Knowledge

  • The worst place to store knowledge is in your own head.
  • Knowledge is not power. Sharing knowledge is power.
  • You must share both the science and the art of business to create a foundation for legacy.

Be an Innovator, Not a Guardian

  • Leaders manage change. If it were not for change, we would not need leadership.
  • Create ways that people in the organization can make changes at the system level.
  • Your legacy is more than a set of processes; it is a mindset.

Trust with Confidence

  • You cannot trust with confidence until you have authentic conversations, emergent leadership, transfer of knowledge, and innovation culture.
  • Trusting means that there is a deep understanding of what ownership really means.
  • Setting up your business legacy requires you to have a clear definition of success and the plan to get there.

About Scot Hunsaker

Scot Hunsaker is the former CEO of Counsilman-Hunsaker, where he grew the company’s revenue by a factor of ten, quadrupled the employees, and opened four new offices in North America. He sold the firm to his employees for cash in 2012. Scot now runs the Ardent Group, whose mission is to help business owners prepare for a healthy succession and teach their employees how to think like owners. He also serves on the board of several foundations, including the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF), the Business Bank, and the Moneta Group.

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Turning Your Employees Into Owners
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“Scot did an outstanding job of keeping people engaged. It was enlightening to envision the kind of legacy one might execute.”

Frank Schiffman, Director of Marketing for Axiall Corporation

“Scot’s message was clear, concise and direct. His real life examples and simple way to formulate a plan really resonated with our group.”

Jeffrey Moeckel, Regional Manager, Poolcorp