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Saving Business by Making It More Human

Posted by: In: Talk Favorites 13 Jan 2014 Comments: 0

Does the worker or the leadership define the corporate culture? Historically, the different generational norms have greatly influenced the corporate culture.  For the veteran it was hard work, respect, and sacrifice.  For the baby boomer it was being a workaholic and achieving personal fulfillment.  Generation X was self-reliance and skepticism and generation Y was multi-tasking and goal oriented.  The millennial skill set is also having a profound change on business culture and management.

Eliot Frick recently spoke at the TedX Gateway Arch on business’ need to change to save itself.  He explains how holocracy is one new business model that is taking business forward and adapting to change.  I encourage you to watch this truly incredible presentation.

Geese from Bottles: Saving Business by Making It More Human

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