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Never Split the Difference

Posted by: In: Talk Favorites 04 Dec 2017 Comments: 0

Like it or not, much of life is a negotiation. Living in a democracy as we do, many of us just assume that compromise is as natural to negotiation as it is to politics.  One master negotiator thinks otherwise. 

Chris Voss started off his career as a street cop in Kansas City, MO and became the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator.   In his line of work, “splitting the difference” and other forms of compromise mean you might get two hostages back alive instead of three.  Not a good outcome.   

Mr. Voss’ book Never Split the Difference” is a profound guide to the realities of negotiation based on the core idea that the situation is the adversary, not the person sitting across from you at the negotiating table and maintains that for most executives, “everything you’ve learned about negotiation is wrong.” 

If you don’t read anything else in the coming year to make you a better executive, be sure you read this book.   In addition to the book, check out this interview with Mr. Voss


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