Turning Your Employees Into Owners
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In every business owner’s career, there comes the moment to retire—the moment to pass on decades’ worth of work, love, and effort so your legacy can continue. Yet when that moment comes, will your business be prepared to forge on without you? Or, does that business’s success hinge solely on your presence to steer the ship?
In Heroic Ownership, D. Scot Hunsaker equips business owners with the knowledge and wisdom needed to successfully create a sustainable business legacy. From his own success in transferring ownership of his business to his employees, and since then counseling many other owners on how to do the same, Hunsaker teaches readers crucial steps in crystallizing one’s legacy.

Readers will understand how to:

  • Forge authentic business relationships that foster trust and ambition

  • Encourage innovation among leaders and employees

  • Identify the best people for leadership roles

  • Figure the best time to implement transferring of knowledge and power

About the Author

Scot Hunsaker is the former CEO of Counsilman-Hunsaker, where he grew the company’s revenue by a factor of ten, quadrupled the employees, and opened four new offices in North America. He sold the firm to his employees for cash in 2012. Scot now runs the Ardent Group, whose mission is to help business owners prepare for a healthy succession and teach their employees how to think like owners.

"A terrific resource for every owner looking to create a sustainable business legacy. Hunsaker created a great business legacy and is an expert in showing others the way."

– Thomas Bakewll, CEO & Board Counsel, Bakewell & Co. Author of Claiming Your Place at the Boardroom Table: The Essential Handbook for Excellence in Governance and Effective Directorship

A great business changes the world. Every entrepreneur who aspires to do that will need a talented and dedicated team if they want to make their greatest contribution. But what happens when it’s time for the leader to make their exit sometime down the road? Scot Hunsaker’s Heroic Ownership has answers and tools to help entrepreneurs equip their teams to become owners and do even greater things going forward. The bottom line? When owners do the heroic thing, everybody wins.

– Alex Charfen- Entrepreneur, Visionary, Author

The successful transition of a business from an owner to his or her employees is a deliberate process that should begin years before the implementation of the succession plan. Transparency and the sharing of all information, both financial and otherwise, are a critical part of the process, and it can’t start too soon. Scot Hunsaker’s terrific new book, Heroic Ownership: Build Your Team. Plan Your Exit. Create Your Legacy will show you how. Lots of tools and wisdom here.

– Jill Griffin-Harvard Working Knowledge Author, Speaker, NYSE Board Director