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The Team

Our people are our most valuable asset. How do we identify, attract, empower, and keep them?

Reflect on your failed hires.  Did you every fire someone because of what was on there resume?  For me they were critical factors not covered on a traditional resume.

Jim Collins in Good to Great said “Get the right people on the bus and put them in the right seat”.  How do you get this intrinsic information?  What if you could quickly learn the following about a perspective candidate?

  • What value will they bring?
  • How will they respond to challenges and problems?
  • What is their ability to manage multiple and changing priorities?
  • What is their decision making process?
  • How will they respond to others?
  • How do they communicate?
  • What is theirmost effective environment for managing and motivating?
  • How will they attack professional development and continuous improvement?
  • What is their natural and adaptive style?

There are effective tools to identify what seat is best for them and help you determine if they belong on the bus.

My favorite example was when we were hiring a full charge bookkeeper.  Our accounting system was unique, so I thought we hit the jackpot when a candidate’s resume showed ten years experience with our system.  Experience and stability was screaming “hire me”.  After completing the assessment I learned that this individual did not like repetitive tasks, and would not do well sitting behind a computer all day.

What was wrong with this picture?  With this new information I was able to ask better questions.  I learned that after being hired for the full charge bookkeeper position, the candidate moved into a start-up training role for new branches.  This involved a fast paced, dynamic environment that was a perfect fit for their style.  While the title was the same, I asked if they felt our bus seat was right for them and we both answered “No”.

The U.S. Department of Labor currently estimates that the average cost of a bad hire can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings.  The numbers approach to hiring fast and firing faster is no longer financially viable.

Assessment tools can vary significantly in cost, time, and complexity.  What worked best for our purpose was a 15 minute online questionnaire that would generate an email with the results when completed.  The information became so important to the process, we would not interview a candidate until they had completed the process.

These tools provide the information necessary to make a timely and informed decision.