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The Customer

No one has a job until there is a sale.

Are you blasting away at your prospects through advertising, direct mail, and email?  Is your message a one-sided shouting match of pontificating how big, great, and accomplished your organization is?

Today’s customers have more fact based information at their fingertips than any other time in history.  The slick salesman approach of Professor Harold Hill in the Music Man would be run of town with the first Tweet or Facebook post.  Not to mention Angie’s List.

I submit that today’s business relationships are co-created between the buyer and seller.  The company can outline the premise of an offer.  The customer needs to help define the product and its value.  This required marketing dialog involves authentic discussion where the parties are listening intently.  This point is articulately made in the 1990, United Airlines commercial called “Speech”.

In my experience there was a manufacturer that offered a unique industry solution to an industry challenge.  They could have easily doubled their market share every year.  However, their approach was transactional with sacrificing any foundation of a relationship to “bag” the customer.  While this generated short term successes, it poisoned the well to develop strong working relationships that could have transformed an industry and brought significant accomplishment to the organization.

Every touch point with a customer generates a perception and response.  Is your goal transactional focusing on the “kill” or strategic that develops long term relationships built on respect, trust, experience and loyalty?