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Are Your Management Principles Obsolete?

Posted by: In: Talk Favorites 07 Apr 2014 Comments: 0

Yves Morieux presented his TEDX talk titled, “As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules to Simplify”.  The presentation is a little hard to understand, but well worth the effort.

Historically, there have been two pillars of management.

Hard: Structure, Processes, Systems

Soft: Feelings, Interpersonal Relationships, Traits

These pillars result in complex systems that work around the problem.  The secret sauce of management today is cooperation.  Cooperation allows the team to work through the problem.  When people cooperate they use less resources.   Tenents of management that focus on cooperation include six principles:

  1. Understand What Your People Do
  2. Reinforce Integrators
  3. Increase Total Quantity of Power
  4. Extend The Shadow Of The Future
  5. Increase Reciprocity
  6. Reward Those That Cooperate

Criticism should not be management’s response for failure, but for failing to help or ask for help.

At Ardent, we believe it is important to have the difficult discussions to result in decisions that foster cooperation.  Without a commitment to mutual trust, a complex, bureaucratic system fills the gap resulting in a dysfunctional organization.

I strongly urge to you watch Yves Morieux’s presentation.


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